"Chefugee" is a volunteer project which allows refugee cooks and chefs to share their skills and their food. Pop-up dinners are held regularly in Madrid and the chefs also participate in the international "Refugee Food Festival" supported by UNHCR.

It's an honour and a pleasure to photograph for such a dedicated organisation.

Meet the Chef

Mohammed from Morocco greets diners at a Chefugee dinner. La Piscine, Madrid, September 2017

Chefugee Syria

Menu for Chefugee dinner, prepared by Wesal, held in La Piscine, Madrid. February 2017

Pierre - Refugee Food Festival

Pierre from Cameroon cooks at the Refugee Food Festival. L'Artisan restaurant, Madrid, June 2017

Chef and Chef - Refugee Food Festival

Natalia (Ukraine) during the Refugee Food Festival with Chef Stephane Shoji of L'Artisan restaurant. Madrid, June 2017

Chefugee Syria

Syrian dishes at a Chefugee dinner. Prepared by Wesal. May 2017


Natalia from Ukraine makes "Syrniky" before the Refugee Food Festival in Madrid, June 2017

The Master Chef

Wesal prepares Syrian food for a Chefugee dinner. March 2017

Making borchst

Natalia T from Ukraine serves borscht during a cooking class. January 2017

Syrian brunch - Refugee Food Festival

Syrian food comes to brunch at Elektra, Madrid, during the Refugee Food Festival, June 2017

Ready for the diners

Tables ready for a Chefugee dinner during the Madrid GastroFestival. Held in Tuuulibreria, January 2017

New Chefugee chef

Sameera prepares food for her first Chefugee event in November 2017

Chefugee diners

A Chefugee dinner at a volunteers house. March 2017